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Wooden Toys and Gifts

Wooden Toys and Gifts

Wooden Toys and Gifts

When it comes to baby and children’s gifting, the one thing that will never go out of fashion is wooden toys and gifts.

We have picked four great reasons why wooden gifts should be your first choice.

Wooden Toys and Gifts are great for encouraging creativity

Wooden Toys and Gifts, RainbowThe child’s imagination is one of the most powerful and wonderful things.In today’s world there is so much plastic with lots of features and sounds.


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This means the toy really requires very little interaction.








When children play with wooden toys it sparks more of their imagination and curiosity.

This encourages them to create those effects that automatically arrive with a bright plastic toy.

It helps them develop:

  • motor skills
  • hand eye coordination as well as
  • problem solving.

Wooden Toys and Gifts are safer for our children

Some plastic toys contain a combination of chemicals that could end up causing harm to your little ones.

Natural toys made of wood don’t pose the same risks.

We make sure that our brands use sustainable wood and non-toxic paints. Therefore, you can relax knowing they are safe in their play.

Wooden Toys are better for the Environment

Many plastic and synthetic toys involve the use of nasty chemicals in their production.

Plastic is also much more likely to break. It will almost never decompose. In conclusion, wood becomes a much more sustainable, thus environmentally friendly option.

Wooden Toys v Plastic Toys

Wooden Toys and Gifts, Rainbow StackWe all have a friend who has kept their wooden train set from when they were a youngster.

You can rarely say that about plastic toys.

Plastic toys tend to break and become brittle however wood can handle the natural wear and tear for longer.

Wooden toys develop a unique, lovely quality about them. As they age and with  their durability they are able to be passed down to the next generation. Furthermore, enjoyed for so many years.

We have a fantastic selection of Wooden Toys, for all ages, available at Your Tribe  

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