Snapshot of Vild House of Little

Long lasting, ethically made clothing is at the heart of our decision making when it comes to selecting garments for your little ones. With that ethos in mind we are delighted to introduce a new brand to our collection Vild House of Little.

'‘Vild’ is Swedish for ‘wild’: uncivilised, savage and untamed, the word can be used to describe furry creatures darting across overgrown fields, certain kinds of strawberries and most importantly: a fresh human bursting into the world.'

Every aspect of their journey to create beautiful children’s wear is well considered – from the sourcing and creation of high-quality materials, the style of weave, design sustainability, sizing and the life span of each product.

Their mission is simple – Craftsmanship, Sustainability and Purpose. Every garment is manufactured with selected workplaces and craftspeople across Portugal and London and they are all made with the highest quality organic cottons and conscious materials that care for delicate young skin, whilst also caring for our planet.

A perfect example of this environmental focus is the use of natural Madder plant dyeing. This is developed using a closed-loop system; water is filtered and re-used and all the left-over plant materials are composted and returned to the fields. The stunning short sleeve cotton woven collared shirt that we have in our collection is the result of the plant dyed pieces and made from the finest organic GOTS certified cotton voile. 

Prints are beautiful, intricate illustrations of sea life - lobsters, shells and seahorses. Perfectly crafted to create fun, stunning pieces that children will love.

Vild – House of Little are garments of the highest quality, ethically made and will stand the pressure of a fast-moving fashion world. Garments are creative and sophisticated, yet also comfortable. They allow children to have fun with fashion and to stand out from the crowd with both a sense of style and a sense of ethical purpose.

At the core of their brand is a focus on working with non-profit organisations. Some of those projects have included: Empowering girls in STEM subjects, recycled material craft workshops and fund raising through art and music events.